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Introducing Counting (+ our Template Section Dialog has a whole new look!)

New 4 days ago

The Template Section Dialog (what pops up when you click "Edit" in the section menu), has gotten a makeover! 

It has a sleek new look and an Integrations tab where you will find your integration with Jira or Azure DevOps

We have also introduced "Counting" as an option in all of the sections of your template. This feature, found under the Type tab, allows you to count the number of votes, sticky notes (ideas), or story points in the section. 

Once you have turned Counting on, you will have the option to set a Capacity for the section and determine what color you want it to turn if it goes over the capacity. 

This allows you to keep track of the number of ideas in a section, the number of story points (if you are PI Planning), or the number of votes.

The photo below shows you what your section will look like if it goes over the number of ideas (10) that have been set as the section's capacity. The number of ideas is shown in the colored bar at the top of the section. 

NEW: Stormboard + Jira and Azure DevOps Integrations

New 1 week ago

Take your planning paperless and fully engage your remote teams! Stormboard is now integrated with both Jira and Azure DevOps (see video below).

With these two-way integrations for Enterprise Teams, you can connect to your Jira or DevOps instance, query projects for issues/work items, and update issue/work item data without leaving your Storm!

Click the links below to learn more: 


Stormboard Education Plans FREE until June 2021!

New 1 week ago

At Stormboard, we believe that educating future generations is one of the most important jobs in the world.

And, what better way to support the hardworking teachers, especially now during the challenge of working with students remotely, than by extending our FREE Education Plans until June 30, 2021!

Do you qualify for Stormboard's FREE Education Plan?

In order to qualify:

  • You will be using Stormboard for classroom education between teachers and students. (If you're using it for administrative work between faculty members, we ask that you use one of our regular plans).
  • Stormboard will be used in a formally accredited K to 12, or higher education, school.
  • Your education account will be registered using a valid school email address.

Our Education Plan is designed to be used by teachers all over the world, in their (virtual) classrooms, to help their students receive the best education possible!

Read more in our Blog here

Introducing the NEW Stormboard Dashboard and Folder Feature!

New 3 months ago

Your Stormboard Dashboard has a whole new look and a new Folder feature that will make your work even more organized and efficient. 

While the new look is available to everyone, the Folder feature is only for those who have Business or Enterprise Subscriptions. If you are interested in trying it out, sign up for a free trial and you will have access to all of the features for 30 days. 

Watch the video here for a tour of the Dashboard and check out the links below for more information:

How to Use Stormboard's Dashboard

How to use Stormboard Folders

New Help Resources Added to

New 4 months ago

We've launched a few new support resources on our website that you can access through "Help" in the navigation menu.


On this page you will find links to online resources, ebooks, and brochures that will introduce you to Stormboard, help you get started, and are the perfect onboarding tool to share with members of your team who are new to our digital workspace.

Video Tutorials

Learn more about Stormboard, our features, and how to make the most out of your Stormboard sessions. All of these tutorials and more videos can be found on our YouTube channel here.

Stormboard Training Programs

We offer expert-led training programs that help users learn how to use Stormboard to hold better meetings, more creative collaborations, and create a company-wide culture of innovation. These programs can be customized to suit your specific goals, and will ensure that you not only become educated on our features, but are also armed with the skills that you need to integrate Stormboard into your daily processes making them more efficient and effective.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Get advice and answers from the Stormboard Team about things like: What is a Storm?, How do Stormboard Templates work?, What kind of security does Stormboard have?, and more.