Introducing our NEW Timer Feature!

New 5 months ago

The Timer is available to all Stormboard users, but only the Storm Administrators can set, start, and stop the Timer.

Use the Timer for the different steps in your meeting or business process to make sure your work is getting done efficiently and your meeting does not run too long.

How to open the Timer:

  1. Click the clock icon in the bottom right-hand corner of your Storm. (Note: Only the Storm Administrator will be able to see this icon).
  2. The Timer will open.

The Timer counts down from a specific set time. It can be set using the pre-set times, or you can set a custom time. You can also add a label or description to the Timer that can be seen by everyone on your Team.

Check out our blog about how using a Timer can make your meetings better, and learn more about how it works in our help doc here.

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