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Magnetic Section Updates

Improvement 1 year ago

Our Magnetic Template Sections have been updated to make your workflow even more efficient!

Now, any Standard Template Section can be easily turned magnetic by clicking on the check box (pictured above) found under the "Type" tab in the dialog that opens when you click to edit a section. You can also choose to automatically sort your sticky notes by vote in the section — a great way to get organized after a productive brainstorming session!

Check out the Pro Tip video here to see the Magnetic Section in action.

Updated PPTX Report

Improvement 1 year ago

A new, updated design for the PowerPoint Report has gone live. It is now more streamlined and modern, making it the perfect format to use to give presentations to your management team, stakeholders, and more after a meeting. Check out an example of the new look below.

Major Reporting Upgrades

Improvement 3 years ago

One of the things users value the most about Stormboard is the detailed reporting tools that can be used within their Storms. Users can export the ideas from their templates into a professional report that can be collaboratively edited and then shared immediately with meeting participants or key stakeholders.

Reports are available as a PNG, PDF, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Wordle, and more, and we’ve recently made some major changes!

Some of these changes include:

  • The ability to generate your reports 200-1000% faster!
  • Reports created for Storms with a lot of data now generate faster and more reliably.
  • Reports with international characters (UTF-8) generate much better.
  • The report design is more modern and attractive.
  • A new report template has been added (see below).
  • A bunch of minor glitches and bugs have been fixed.

New: Votes Report

The Votes Report focuses on the ideas in your Storm that have been voted on. It summarizes the data in your Storm by Top Ideas (total votes), Favorite Ideas (unique votes), and a Vote Summary that shows who voted for what. This report is perfect for seeing which ideas are most popular at a glance.

Updated: Wordle

The Wordle report now lets you shuffle the words around to get a different layout and it is now much easier to download. Users now have the ability to add this report to the Storm it is generated from with one click.

Updated: Microsoft Excel

New Statistics page

The Microsoft Excel Report now includes some great statistics about your Storm including:

  • The number of ideas created and any comments on them.
  • Any Tasks assigned and completed.
  • The number of sessions.

Unique identifiers

The Microsoft Excel report now includes a unique identifier for every idea. This allows you to easily connect any idea with your other business systems.

Pro tip: You can click on the unique id and it will take you to that idea in the Storm!

Updated: Microsoft Word

The Microsoft Word Report now replaces the Summary Report

By changing the Summary Report to a Microsoft Word Report, we have made it completely editable instead of a static PDF.

In addition, we’ve added:

  • A Table of Contents.
  • A  better breakdown of Ideas By Section.
  • The data in Matrix Sections of your Storm is now easier to interpret.
  • he Votes Breakdown displays with far more detail.
  • Spreadsheet Sections are now easier to read and interpret.
  • The Tasks Summary now displays the data by complete and incomplete tasks.
  • We’ve also added a print to PDF option on the Word Report.

Updated: Microsoft PowerPoint

The Microsoft PowerPoint Report now produces a redesigned, more usable report.

  • There’s a whole new look.
  • All image thumbnails are now included in the PPT export.
  • If the thumbnail is a video you can click the thumbnail and it will take you to the video on YouTube! (Note: This only works if you are in presentation mode).
  • The Report now paginates and generates a new page if there is too much data to fit on one page.
  • It also now displays subsections.
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