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You may notice something different when you are collaborating with your team today — Stormboard’s Storms have a sleek new look!

We’ve made some exciting new updates to your in-Storm experience to make it easier for you to invite people to join you, navigate your workspace, and focus on getting work done.

Some highlights include:

  • The “Share” button at the bottom of the Storm has been replaced by an “Invite Users” button. Clicking this will open a redesigned dialog for inviting Users, with three tabs for the three different invite methods.
  • The color legend will appear in the top left corner of your sticky note allowing you to quickly view what each color represents in your workspace and choose the one that works best for your content.
  • We’ve made it easier for you to keep track of how many votes you have left by adding a “My Votes” icon in the bottom, right-hand corner of your Storm.
  • The Whiteboard Sticky Note has gotten a styling update with this refresh, with sleek, unobtrusive new icons and dialogs for the different shapes and pens.
  • This new refresh has taken away the clutter and has given you a clean, sleek space where your work takes center stage!  

Check out our blog for more information on these updates, and take a tour of the new interface here. 

Sticky Note Menu

Our sticky note menu has a whole new look!

To open the menu, click once on any sticky note.

You will notice that the buttons to change the shape, size, and color of the note are now at the bottom of the menu. Click on these buttons to see all of the options available to you. 

Multi-Select Menu 

When you select multiple sticky notes, you will now be able to do anything you want from the sticky note menu.

The image below shows what the menu looks like when multiple notes are selected. 

If you have any questions about these changes, contact us here

The Timer is available to all Stormboard users, but only the Storm Administrators can set, start, and stop the Timer.

Use the Timer for the different steps in your meeting or business process to make sure your work is getting done efficiently and your meeting does not run too long.

How to open the Timer:

  1. Click the clock icon in the bottom right-hand corner of your Storm. (Note: Only the Storm Administrator will be able to see this icon).
  2. The Timer will open.

The Timer counts down from a specific set time. It can be set using the pre-set times, or you can set a custom time. You can also add a label or description to the Timer that can be seen by everyone on your Team.

Check out our blog about how using a Timer can make your meetings better, and learn more about how it works in our help doc here.

What is Two-Factor Authentication?

Also, known as 2FA, Two-Factor Authentication is an extra step to your login that adds an extra layer of protection to your account and is available to all Stormboard Users. Without 2FA, you only enter your username and password. With 2FA, an extra step has you enter an authentication code.

Why use Two-Factor Authentication?

Because Two-Factor Authentication requires two ways of proving your identity, it adds an additional level of security to your account.

Learn how to set up Two-Factor Authentication (TFA) here

We are excited to announce the launch of Stormboard Academy, a series of in-depth online courses that we have created to help you quickly onboard your team, make the most of your account, and ensure that you become a Stormboard pro!

How to Access Stormboard Academy

Stormboard Academy can be accessed by anyone with a Stormboard account.

Here’s how:

  1. Click the “Help” menu while on your Dashboard or in a Storm.

  2. Select “Stormboard Academy”.

  3. Begin your training!

Click here for an overview of all of the courses available

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