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Your Stormboard Dashboard has a whole new look and a new Folder feature that will make your work even more organized and efficient. 

While the new look is available to everyone, the Folder feature is only for those who have Business or Enterprise Subscriptions. If you are interested in trying it out, sign up for a free trial and you will have access to all of the features for 30 days. 

Watch the video here for a tour of the Dashboard and check out the links below for more information:

How to Use Stormboard's Dashboard

How to use Stormboard Folders

Magnetic Section Updates

Improvement 1 year ago

Our Magnetic Template Sections have been updated to make your workflow even more efficient!

Now, any Standard Template Section can be easily turned magnetic by clicking on the check box (pictured above) found under the "Type" tab in the dialog that opens when you click to edit a section. You can also choose to automatically sort your sticky notes by vote in the section — a great way to get organized after a productive brainstorming session!

Check out the Pro Tip video here to see the Magnetic Section in action.

We've launched a few new support resources on our website that you can access through "Help" in the navigation menu.


On this page you will find links to online resources, ebooks, and brochures that will introduce you to Stormboard, help you get started, and are the perfect onboarding tool to share with members of your team who are new to our digital workspace.

Video Tutorials

Learn more about Stormboard, our features, and how to make the most out of your Stormboard sessions. All of these tutorials and more videos can be found on our YouTube channel here.

Stormboard Training Programs

We offer expert-led training programs that help users learn how to use Stormboard to hold better meetings, more creative collaborations, and create a company-wide culture of innovation. These programs can be customized to suit your specific goals, and will ensure that you not only become educated on our features, but are also armed with the skills that you need to integrate Stormboard into your daily processes making them more efficient and effective.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Get advice and answers from the Stormboard Team about things like: What is a Storm?, How do Stormboard Templates work?, What kind of security does Stormboard have?, and more.

Updated PPTX Report

Improvement 1 year ago

A new, updated design for the PowerPoint Report has gone live. It is now more streamlined and modern, making it the perfect format to use to give presentations to your management team, stakeholders, and more after a meeting. Check out an example of the new look below.

Stormboard Template Guides give you step-by-step instructions on how to effectively use a template or process and inspiration to help make your meeting or collaboration more engaging and efficient. 

When you click on a section in the Guide, it automatically moves you to the corresponding section in the Storm and gives you instructions on what to put in that section. At the bottom of the Guide bar, you’ll see cards that provide either example questions for you to answer or more detailed instructions. 

Guides can be custom-built for any template, or for your company’s specific business process, and can be customized with your company language and branding to ensure that your whole team knows how the process works and can be active contributors. 

Watch the video to see a Template Guide in action and check out the FAQs in this post for more information.

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