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We are excited to announce Stormboard’s new integration with Microsoft Teams! Stormboard is already integrated with the Microsoft Surface HubMicrosoft Office365, and Microsoft Power Automate (formerly Flow), so we are thrilled to be expanding our Microsoft integrations to help our users make their meetings better!

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is an extension of Office365 that allows you to chat (using text, audio, and video), edit documents in real-time, store files, take notes, and more with anyone inside or outside your organization.

Teams allows users to use other Microsoft apps alongside it, as well as third-party services (such as Stormboard) to make the most out of the app. Just like Stormboard, the goal of Microsoft Teams is to make collaboration easier.

Keep Everything In One Place

Adding Stormboard to Microsoft Teams allows you to provide quick access to your Storms (what we call your digital workspace) or share a Storm without ever leaving the application.

How to add Stormboard to Microsoft Teams GIF

Import Storms Directly to Tabs

Add existing Storms (see image above), or create new ones right in your Teams workspace! Anyone with access to the channel will be able to view the Storm, add new content, or check in on progress ensuring that planning sessions, agile sprints, daily status updates, and more run seamlessly.

Stay Up-To-Date

Missed a meeting? No problem! Stay up-to-date on everything that is happing in your Storms — like new content, comments, assignments, and users. These notifications show up in Teams as a conversation with the Stormboard Bot.

Make Your Meetings Better With Stormboard + Microsoft Teams!

  • Provide quick access to your Storms for everyone in the Teams channel
  • Collaborate in Stormboard without leaving Teams
  • Run more effective meetings in Teams by utilizing a Storm with one of the hundreds of templates (for processes like Agile, Kanban, and more) in Stormboard
  • Stay up-to-date with notifications from the Stormboard Bot

We’ve added some exciting new features including new sticky note sizes, the ability to recover content that you’ve deleted, a new look to our Storm menu, and more!


New Sticky Note Sizes


In addition to our original sticky note size, we now have two more for you to choose from.


The new sticky notes are larger than the original, which means that you can expand on your ideas! The first of the two is a wider, longer note (similar to a rectangle shape), and the second is a bigger version of the original square sticky. Shown below is an example storm that uses all sizes of sticky notes.


Stormboard meeting template Storm


And don’t worry, you can still change the shape of these sticky notes just like with the original. They will just have more space to work with!


To change your sticky note to one of the new sizes, click on the note once to open the sticky note menu. From there, you will see three sticky note size options just above the color options.


Select the one you want, and it will immediately be applied to the sticky note! Keep in mind that the default sticky note size is the regular small square.


One of the best parts of the new sticky sizes is that images and videos will be much larger for your team to view.


The wider sticky notes can also be used as a title or header that can be placed above content within a template section.

Index cards won’t be able to be converted into these new sizes, however, their dimensions can still be changed. Read more about changing the size of an index card here.


Trash Tab


Did you delete something by mistake? No problem! Gone are the days of hitting delete and losing your content forever.

We’ve added a Trash Tab to each Storm which is where any sticky note you delete will go — and stay — unless you delete it from the Trash, empty the Trash, or add it back into your Storm.


The Trash Tab is located in the top right-hand corner of your Storm. Clicking on the Trash Tab will open the Trash Panel. To permanently delete items that are in the trash panel, click the white ‘Empty’ button and everything in the panel will be deleted.


To add a sticky note back to your Storm, click the blue ‘Restore’ button that is directly underneath of the note. This will automatically place the note back into the Storm at the same location it was deleted from.




Have you ever wanted to delete multiple sticky notes at once? Now you can!


Click once on a note you want to delete, hold down your shift key, and select the rest of the notes you want to delete. A menu will open at the top of your screen. Select the red ‘Delete’ button. A small dialog will open to confirm you want to delete the selected items. Selecting ‘Ok’ will move the notes to the trash panel.


Updated Storm Menu


All of the buttons that can be found at the bottom of your Storm are now in a menu bar that no longer overlaps your template when you scroll all the way to the bottom.


You will also notice that your Color Legend (formerly a tab at the bottom of your screen) is now accessed from that same menu bar as a button on the right-hand side. If you don’t want to see the menu at all, you can collapse it off to the side by clicking the small grey arrow on the far left-hand side. To open it, click the grey arrow again (now on the right side), and it will open back up.


Extra Space Around Your Storm Templates


We’ve added white space (or padding) around all of our templates to give you extra space for planning, staging, adding process instructions, etc. For example, if you are presenting in a meeting and have content you don’t want in the template until you are ready to talk about it, store your notes in the margins and drag them over when you’re ready for them.


Or, if you start a new Storm and want to include instructions for your team members on how you want your meeting to progress, write them on a sticky and place them in the margins for your team to reference.


The white space will always be there no matter how many times you resize your template sections — all Storms are infinite in size!


Add Section Shortcut


If you want to add a section to the side or bottom of your Storm template, now there is a quicker way to do so! Go to the far right-hand side or the bottom of your storm where the white space is (just outside the template), and hover your mouse. A light grey circle with a light grey plus icon will appear.


Hovering over this will turn the plus icon blue and white, and it will tell you that this is there if you want to add a new section. Click on it, and a new section will appear for you to start working with.


Resize Section Shortcut  


We’ve also added a quick resize shortcut that allows you to quickly resize any section that you need to make bigger or smaller. This feature is located in the bottom right-hand corner of each template section.


When you hover over the resize icon, it will say ‘Resize this section’. Click on it, and a small menu will appear that allows you to resize/customize that section. Don’t forget to hit save when you’re done!

You can now use Microsoft Flow to automate your workflow to make data transfer between Stormboard and your favorite apps automatic, so you can focus on your great ideas and not on the technical details.

Connect Stormboard to hundreds of other apps with Microsoft Flow!

There seems to be an app for everything, but monitoring all of them can be time-consuming. The solution? Getting your apps to talk to each other.

But, unless you are an API expert, it can be incredibly difficult to create an automated workflow that will sync data across platforms. Stormboard’s integration with Flow is here to help!

Automated connections called Flows, which you can set up in minutes, can automate your day-to-day tasks and build workflows between apps that otherwise wouldn’t be possible.

The best part? This all happens in the background — once it’s set you don’t need to do anything!

How to create a Flow with Stormboard

  1. Sign up for a free Flow account or log in to your existing account.
  2. On the Start Page, click on “Connectors” at the top of your screen and search for “Stormboard”.
  3. From this page, you can create your own templates using Stormboard and whatever app you choose to connect to.

Click here for more information on setting up your first Flow.

Stormboard’s iOS and Android app updates now make it easier for you to capture your ideas wherever and whenever inspiration strikes!

On top of being able to change the shape of your sticky notes, customize your fonts, use full color or classic sticky notes, and all of our other new feature updates, you can also assign sticky notes to members of your team as tasks, check your Storm activity, take advantage of the improved whiteboarding, use the quick and efficient navigation, create Storms, join Storms, edit ideas, and more!

Stormboard’s iOS app works on your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, and the Android app works on your Phone and Tablet.

Stormboard has always worked on your phone’s browser, but no matter how big your phone was, the spatial interface of a massive virtual whiteboard could be challenging. Our new mobile version makes it easy to add and search for your stickies as they are all in a list view.

The magic comes when you click on the expand button at the top of your screen (the four arrows pointing outwards) and turn your device horizontal (see below). Now, you get the spatial benefits of the Storm, can easily move ideas wherever you want them, and edit your sticky notes. (TIP: Pinch the screen to zoom in and out and press the button on the top right corner of your screen to return to the vertical view.)

Note that you will no longer be able to access your Storms through your mobile browser, but will need to download the FREE app. Sign in to your account from your desktop to customize your settings, access our help documents, or take a tour (located under the Help button on your Dashboard or in a Storm) at any time.

Have you always wanted to be able to change the color of your sticky notes? Change the font that you use in your Storms? Or, change the shape of your ideas? Well, now you can do all of that, and more, with the new features that we released today!

More Color!

You can now make all of your sticky notes full color! (Don’t worry, you can still keep the classic look if you prefer.) In order to switch from the classic look to the new full-color option, click on the Setup menu at the bottom of your screen, select the “Styling” tab, and under “Style” select “Full Color” (see below).


Stormboard sticky notes styling

You can change the color of an individual sticky using the sticky note menu (click once on the sticky note and the menu will pop up), or you can change the entire sticky note palette using the Setup Menu at the bottom of your screen.

The background of individual sections of your template or your entire Storm can now be filled with color as well (see the image above), which can help you sort your ideas, better organize your meetings, and more!

Check out these Help articles for more information:

Better Sticky Notes

We’ve made changes to our sticky notes so that they look and function better. Other than the new color options listed above, the new features include:

  • The ability to select different shapes for your sticky notes
  • A new look to the title stickies
  • You can now access the sticky note menu by clicking once on the sticky once
  • Edit sticky notes by double-clicking on the note (Read: How do I edit sticky notes?)

Cleaner Interface

We’ve cleaned up our sticky notes so that there is nothing to distract from what is most important — your ideas!

As you can see in the old version of our sticky notes above, there is a sentence at the top of the note telling you when it was created, and the menu at the bottom is very prominent. In the new version the idea takes center stage.

New scalable fonts make your ideas easier to read. This means that you no longer have to click a “more” button at the bottom of a sticky to read the entire idea. The font shrinks intuitively to ensure that your entire idea can fit on the note (you can set the minimum font size under the Setup Menu). You can also customize whether you want your ideas to be automatically aligned to the center of the sticky note or the top.

Another exciting new feature allows you to change the font used in your Storm. The available fonts are now Ante, Arvo Serif, Exo2, Open Sans, Raleway, and Tikal Sans. You can customize your font in the Setup Menu under the “Styling” tab.

New Settings in the Setup Menu

The Storm Setup Menu has been restructured into three tabs for even more customization: General, Features, and Styling.

Under the General tab, you can rename your Storm and create a description or goal for your Storm. The Features tab allows you to turn features on and off like Realtime Cursor Positions, Idea Editing, and enabling or disabling Storm Chat. Under the Styling tab, you can set your sticky note color palette, minimum font size, text alignment, and more!

Even More Exciting Features

  • Perfectly align your sticky notes We now have alignment guides! As you move sticky notes around your Storm, blue lines will appear on the screen to help you align your sticky notes in each section. Give it a try!
  • Preview URLs If you add a URL to your Storm, you can now preview the URL by hovering over the sticky note it has been added to (see image above).
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